Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pyramids in Egypt at Giza

All 9 pyramids at Giza can be viewed from a mountain. I was able to ride a horse and see these sites

Are the pyramids really that tall?
Look, I am touchiing the top of the tallest one.
Dale and I are shown on the mountain overlooking the pyramids

Do you think we can really hold them?
Looks like we can!
Talk about leaping tall mountains!
What a nice horse. He allowed me to touch the top of a pyramid.
Then another one.
And do it again.
Two cowboys enjoying themselves at Giza.
A close up of some of the pyramids

Much of the original alabaster has been removed from this pyramid and has been placed in mansions elsewhere in Egypt.
Climbing a pyramid is hard work!
This one was attempted to be destroyed in the Crusades of the 1100's
The job was not done.
Riding a camel at Giza.
Not too bad, but a horse is easier.
The sphynx at the entrance to Giza.
Sphynx at entrance to Giza

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